Teleport into the world of cognitive computing

We delve in the magic of emerging technology space of computational cognisance with focus on computer vision, machine learning and augmented reality. We embark on a journey with customer centric innovation.


Diligent team work with state of the art technologies

The fascinating field of visual intelligence, computer vision and machine learning allows the applications to “sense” and “recognise” the surrounding environment. Machine Learning extracts statistically meaningful patterns in data that support classification, regression and clustering. Combining Computer Vision and Machine Learning, we build customer-centric recognition algorithms that can learn from data and adapt to new environments.

Product engineering services in cloud, mobile and desktop platforms

The journey of transforming an innovative bubble into a market-ready product is our primary mission. Our team strives to achieve them by skilfully implementing the developed ideas and converting them into viable customer focussed solutions on various platforms.

Quality assurance and support for integrated product experience

We stand by our enterprising clients to assure quality and support throughout their journey with us. We collaborate with them and lend our complete quality and support system to make sure that their product is a success in the market.

Computer Vision


Object detection

Face recognition

People inference

Computational photography



We work hard, we persevere, we innovate, we are the professionals and we deliver. Valuing our clients and designing custom-made solutions for them is our primary mission
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Let`s collaborate to revolutionise the world of cognitive computing

We are a product engineering services team that strives to provide positive customer experience at the point of product development and support. We innovate in the emerging technology space of computational cognisance with focus on computer vision, machine learning and augmented reality.


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